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The Quesnel Curling Centre welcomes all new curlers whether it be an individual, or a couple or a family. We offer a variety of leagues for you to choose from. Click on Membership to find out what is available. When you have made your decision as to what league you would like to play in, please go to Registration and fill in the appropriate Registration form.

We offer Curl Canada Lessons at the beginning of each Season. This is a two day workshop on starting curling. The cost is $10.00 which includes both days. The workshops generally run from 7pm to 9pm. We have experienced curlers that have had training in curling instruction on hand to guide you through the evenings. This includes delivery and sweeping. All you need to do is bring clean shoes and we will take care of the rest for you.qcc_gallery3.jpg

We also offer video analysis of your delivery. Our trained Volunteers will video your delivery, explain to you what they see as areas for improvement and will work with you on the ice to achieve a better delivery. Arrangements for this can be made by contacting the Curling Rink via e-mail qcurlingcentre@gmail.com or by phoning the office at 250-992-5813. This service is provided free to all curlers.

If you do not have a team already, we will place you on a team. Curling with experienced curlers will improve your skills quickly. Everyone is more than willing to help a new curler.

We have brooms, sliders, grippers sticks, delivery aides and headwear available for you to use at no cost. Please remember to put the equipment back where it belongs, as it is used mainly by our Jamcan and Junior Curlers. Remember the only thing you need to begin curling is a clean pair of shoes. Talk to our Manager when you are ready to buy equipment he will guide you in the right direction. We have a selection of equipment to get you on your way. 

qcc_gallery1.jpgThe Quesnel Curling Centre is a fun place where you can meet new friends. We are located approximately 10 minutes from anywhere in Quesnel and in the downtown area. Games normally take 2 hours to play and you are physically active throughout the game.

Membership fees and equipment needs costs are very low compared to other sports. We have a kitchen with a full menu and a Lounge upstairs, with a pool table and other games available and we are sure the Bar has your favourite beverage.

There are numerous websites to help you get started and explain curling techniques in detail.

 We welcome wheel chair participants to join our Centre. We are the “home centre” to a member of the Canadian Wheel Chair Silver medalists and the All Star Lead at the 2013 Canadian Wheel Chair Championships and the GOLD medalist at the 2015 Canadian Wheel Chiar Championships. We also have a large contingency of Special Olympic Curlers who participate in various leagues.

We have an Elementary School Program that has approximately 300 Grades 4-7 students participating. This involves lessons and a game day.

Click Here for an excellent video presentation:

Quesnel is fortunate to have a great Business Community that always steps onto the ice when asked. Please support our Partners.

Let’s go Curling