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This page contains latest information about the activities, covid procedures and bonspiels at Quesnel Curling Centre, 

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pcoming Events at a Glance. 

 August 29th, 2021

The 2021 BC Club Championships

Quesnel is hosting the BC Club Challenge on September 29th to October 3rd. We realize that this is short notice as the registrations need to be submitted to Curl BC by midnight September 1st. We were not sure if the changes in the covid regulations would allow us to hold this event.
Registration is done with Curl BC. Their website has links and info on registering or use the links Registration Links at the bottom of this post.
Registering for playdowns to qualify for a championship is easy. Select the playdown you wish to enter by clicking the event category heading below and you will be redirected to the category page with event registration links. In an effort to streamline the process you will only require each player’s name, coach information, team contact information and home club at this stage of registration. Each team member will then need to complete the competitor agreement (once per season).
Click https://www.curlbc.ca/…/2021-22-Curl-BC-Schedule-of… to view a PDF of Curl BC’s 2021-22 schedule of competitive events
Player Forms
Each player is required to complete a Competitor Agreement once per season. The parent or legal guardian of competitors under 19 will have to complete the form on behalf of the competitor. This form will be available for teams by August 1st, 2021. Please feel free to register for competitions in advance of completing this form.
Coach Form
All coaches must complete a Coach Agreement once per season
The office must have received payment on or BEFORE the deadline date. If your team withdraws from the competition before the registration deadline, a processing fee of 25% of your total payment may be deducted from your payment. If your team withdraws from the competition after the registration deadline, entry fees will not be refunded.
Your registration will not be considered complete without the payment and all the above information.
Even teams that qualify automatically through a tour, as a defending champion or through CTRS must complete the forms and pay a registration fee.
Curling Canada Competitors’ Fee
The Curling Canada Competitors’ Fee will be incorporated into the entry fee for all participants in playdowns leading to a national championship. The fee will only be applied once per category per player.
Curling Canada Youth and Next Gen Events
Curl BC is in alignment with the new events being planned in 2021-22 for youth and next gen teams. more information on these events can be found here
Fifth Player
If you are adding a fifth player after your team has completed their registration, you must fill out a Fifth Player Registration Form.
The BC Curling Club Championship is for club-based teams. The 2021 event will be an open championship.
Date: Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2021
Location: Quesnel Curling Centre
Registration deadline: Sepember 1st, 2021
National Championship Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2021, Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club.
The Quesnel Curling Centre 2020 Annual General Meeting which was scheduled for Wednesday, December 9th, 6:00 PM in the Lounge of the Quesnel Curling Centre is postponed to the beginning of Curling Season, Fall of 2021.  The new Covid Regulations will not allow us to gather as a group to hold the meeting.   New proposed time will be posted when approved by the Ministry.


Access by clicking on the Picture  or on QCC RTC.   Please take the time to read this booklet.  There are many changes and requirements that we have never needed to deal with.  We believe it covers every aspect of what will be required to allow us to curl this season.   We ask that everyone work in the spirit of keeping the curling centre open during this period

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we organize the unprecedented changes required.

This Guidelines page of website has updated.  Dues and Fees section and the Spare List section to reflect the new guidelines laid out in the QCC Covid Booklet.


Some things to know:


Hello all, I hope this finds you and yours healthy and happy.

During these unique and challenging times, it is important to remember that we can still accomplish a lot of good by working together, being kind and staying safe.

In preparation for our return to curling this fall, we would like to keep you informed of the changes we are making and the work we are doing in light of the Return to Curling Guidelines released by Curling Canada and Curl BC. On top of this, we have created additional guidelines that will ensure a safe and secure environment for all.  It is of paramount importance that we each take the time to read, understand and follow these guidelines.  We are all responsible for not only our own safety, but for the safety and well- being of those around us. 

To be clear, these guidelines are written for PHASE 3 and we will continue to be in constant communication and update our protocols as we move forward in this ever- changing environment.

We appreciate your support and look forward to an interesting season with all of you.

Stay safe and see you soon.

 Ralph Givens


All activities in our curling centre must operate within current provincial health restrictions in order to limit the transmission of Covid-19 in our community.  These guidelines meet the criteria set out in the CurlBC—Return to Curling Guidelines and have been approved by the Quesnel curling executive, CurlBC and WorkSafe BC.  In addition to specific return to curling requirements prompted by the pandemic, Covid-19 related risk assessment, and the general public health rules and directives for the curling public, Centre operations must also address the health and safety risk issues for staff and volunteers as outlined in the viaSport Guidelines. The following sections outline measures taken for curlers and staff alike.   Click on QCC Return to Curling to go to QCC booklet explaining all requirements that will allow us to curl during this Covid period.

Links to Other Sites

  • Rock Talk Website:  click on Rock Talk for all the latest curling info.
  • CurlBC – Return to Curling:  click on Return to Curling Ver 3 to view manual dealing with requirements for Curling  in British Columbia during the Covid Crisis.
  • Curl BC site –  click on Curl BC to go to Curl BC
  • Curl Canada site –  click on Curl Canada to access the latest about Curling in Canada.
  • Quesnel Curling Centre Facebook page –  click on QCC facebook to access our Facebook page.

Upcoming Bonspiels

Ice Breaker Bonspiel  CANCELLED
Grey Cup Cash Spiel CANCELLED
Valentines Mixed Bonspiel  Feb 12-14/21
St. Patricks Day Open Bonspiel  Mar 12-14/21
Ice Breaker Bonspiel  CANCELLED
Grey Cup Cash Spiel Nov 20-22/20
Ladies Wheel n Spiel January 22 – 24/21
Valentines Mixed Bonspiel  Feb 12-14/21
St. Patricks Day Open Bonspiel  Mar 12-14/21
Ice Breaker Bonspiel  CANCELLED
Grey Cup Cash Spiel Nov 20-22/20
Valentines Mixed Bonspiel  Feb 12-14/21
St. Patricks Day Open Bonspiel  Mar 12-14/21

Want to Join Us?

The Quesnel Curling Centre welcomes all new curlers whether it be an individual, or a couple or a family. We offer a variety of leagues for you to choose from. Please go to Registration to discover the leagues available and, should you find a league that suits you, fill in the appropriate Registration form.

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