Fees Policy

Dues and Fees

Curling dues will be invoiced upon registration. We will have personnel available to receive payment before the start of the season.

The annual curling fees (including locker rental) charged to the QCC users and members shall be due and payable prior to the start of regular season play.

Under special circumstances arrangements can be made for post-dated cheques dated from the beginning of the season to November 15th of the current season.  There will be a 5% charge for anyone choosing this arrangement. Any other arrangements must be made through the Manager with approval of a QCC Executive officer.

If for some reason there is an outstanding amount owing at the end of a season members shall forfeit the use of the Curling Centre facilities in the future until all dues and /or charges have been paid.

Curlers participating solely in the Friday Night Fun League must pay the $150.00 spare fee in order to curl in any other QCC league as per the QCC Spare Policy.

QCC users and members participating solely in the snowbird program are considered fully entitled users/members until the Christmas break of the current season. After the leagues resume in January, anyone participating in the snowbird program who curls as a spare in the second half of the season will be invoiced for the $150 spare fee as per the QCC Spare Policy.  The spare fee, due date for the second half of the snowbird season shall be prior to the start of play in January.

Membership Refunds

There will be no refunds of curling fees after November 15th of the year in which the current fees were paid.  No refunds will be allowed  except for very extenuating circumstances which are limited to death, a serious medical condition, permanent relocation to a residence more than 80 kilometers from the Centre. These refunds will be calculated on a pro rated basis based on the number of games played!


QCC Spare and Fifth Curler Policy

If you are a fully paid up member of a regular league, you can spare in any league at no additional cost!  ( ie.  Monday night open leagues, Tuesday mens league, Wednesday Super League, Thursday night Ladies and Thursday night open)

If circumstances arise that you are unable to play full time on a regular team, but wish to spare during the season, you can pay an annual fee of $150.00.  This includes the $20.00 Capital Improvement fee and  $14.00 CCA affiliation fees and taxes.

In order to encourage new curlers, there is a provision that permits up to 3 free games as a spare prior to paying the annual fee.

All Fifth players (registered with the Curling Centre Manager) not playing in another registered league are responsible for paying the $20.00 Capital Improvement Fee and $14.00 CCA Affiliation Fee.

Fifth players on a team (registered with the Curling Centre Manager) must also play in another league as a fully paid curler in order to be able to spare in other leagues at no additional cost.   If they wish to spare and are not in an additional leagues they are responsible for paying the $150.00 Spare Fee minus the Capital Improvement Fee and CCA Affiliation Fee and taxes = $112.00.

A Registered Spare Board will be posted on our website and through the Club Manager at 250 992-5813.  This List must be consulted prior to finding a non-registered spare for your team.

The Curling Centre is looking towards all of the Skips in the registered leagues and or the organizers of leagues IE: Seniors and Sunday Fun League to ensure that spare curlers playing on their team or teams are eligible to curl.  Please make your spare curlers are aware of this policy and direct them to the Curling Centre Manager for registration if applicable.

We are certainly not trying to discourage curlers from coming out to curl; but at the same time we must ensure that all of the users of the Curling Centre are paying for their curling privileges in a fair and equitable manner.

Spare List

Curlers who are presently registered in a league may spare at no extra cost. They are not listed below but will generally inform others that they are available for sparing.

Please read and follow the spare list policy. The following is a list of spares who have paid the $150.00 spare fee.

Carol Thatcher 250-747-3150
Mary Ellison 250-991-9883
Len Gamache 250-992-3680
Spencer Gamache 250-991-8815
Lori Dourocher 250-747-3711
Claude Chipelletti 250-255-7515

Facilities Location

The Quesnel Curling Centre is conveniently located in downtown Quesnel, beside Lebourdais Park and the West Fraser Centre.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday – 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday – 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Phone: 250 992 5813